New Obsession: Açai Bowls

  It was not until a friend came to visit from across the pond that I was introduced to Açai Bowls. I know. I know. I am way behind the times here. The only thing I have to say is way better late than never. There are a ton of healthy joints popping up all… read more

Green Thumb: Spring Bloomers

We didn’t move into our house until last July so that meant I missed all of our spring bloomers last year. It has been amazing to watch things come to life this spring. Above are some of the things that have bloomed so far. I think it is helpful to take note of when things bloom… read more

Great Business: Saltwater Brewery

  Over at our house we have big hearts for the creatures of the sea. I was blown away by this idea of edible packaging materials for six packs of beer. As far as I am concerned SaltWater Brewery has my business. Can you imagine how great it would be if big business beer companies got on… read more

May: Links I Love

It’s been a while since I have posted a line up of links I love. Here is what I have been loving from around the web these days… This video is hysterical. If you are a parent of a young child you will relate. Trust me. I’ve listened to one of these TED Talks so far…. read more

Great Event: The Greenwich International Film Festival

I recently listened to a fascinating podcast about the importance of creativity, and how it is an integral trait that brings joy and fulfillment to our lives when we use it. Many dismiss this idea with an off-handed, “But I’m just not a creative person.” When we dismiss the idea of being creative, we neglect to… read more

Great Business: Mike’s Organic Delivery

One of the first local businesses I featured on the blog here was Mike’s Organic Delivery. It remains one of my favorite here in our area. As a mother of three, I love anyone who is trying to make my food-buying life easier, and my children’s food more healthy. Mike has recently added a whole… read more

Opinion: Where I Am Right Now

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten sentimental over here on the blog. There has been plenty ruminating around inside my head but I was having a tough time putting words to screen. Since John’s dad passed away this winter I have been feeling an underlying sadness. Frankly I never thought I would be so… read more

Spring Inspiration

With nothing but rain and gray skies in our neck of the woods these days, I have been craving some spring inspiration. Here you have it! The looks, flowers, food, and drinks that make me feel spring ready. Enjoy!        

Building a Terrarium

Recently I’ve been gardening a ton outside – when it isn’t raining that is. This weekend saw more gray skies and rain. While stuck inside I was craving a “green” moment so I got inspired to create a terrarium. I have a friend who is in a Garden Club and a few years back she… read more