Fashion: Classic Style

I was recently out to dinner and saw a beautiful woman dining with her husband and grown children. I was smitten with her sense of style and commented to a friend that she looked chic, classic, and age appropriate. I know I am often guilty of buying pieces that are trendy  and “of the moment”. I love wearing them once or twice but often regret seeing them in my closet the next season. Following trends is fun but as I head into my 40s I am really working on creating a wardrobe that is simple, classic and ladylike. Below is my take on a classic summer combo – quite similar to what this elegant lady had on the other night. Clothes worth the investment.

Classic Style on The Sent

{Equipment Blouse, Velvet Toni Skinny Jeans, Hermes Oran Slides, Gold Cuff, Tassel Bracelet, Screw Cuff}


  1. Love them all!

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