The Gift Guide: For Her

If Santa were indeed curious about the things on my lists… Here you have some of my favorite items right now. A little something for everyone I think!

{Joe Fresh Cape $229}

There is something so cool about a cape. Dress it up. Dress it down. Layer away people!

{uka Nail Oils $33/1 vial}

I am not a big manicure girl. I chip them immediately. And that makes me sad. These nail oils are the perfect alternative… Keep things shiny and bright!

{TopShop Crop and Midi Skirt $350}

I am way into the crop and matching skirt. Retro and yet so current!

{J.Crew Shoe Clips $98}

The perfect way to dress up any black flat or heel!

{TopShop Check Trousers $84}

Hot pants!! That’s it. Keep the rest of the outfit simple.

{Tibetan Lamb Gold Bench $875}

I dream of a big beautiful closet with a sweet little spot where I can sit and do my make-up. This stool is Iso there!

{Blowout in a Box $199}

You all know how I feel about hair. This kit has it all.

{Westerlind Long John $115}

Imagine these with my Uggs, a cuddly sweater, and a cozy hat. Hello winter.

{Zara Sparkle Heels $89.90}

Kick up your heels this holiday season! In these!

{The Week $59.50 (50 issues)}

I have had many very smart friends recommend I read this. It’s time to get informed! Weekly.

{West Elm Agate Box $69}

The perfect piece to make your living room feel very current. J’adore agate.

{Mini Letter Stud Earrings $98}

J is for John. E is for Emma. S is for Sophie…

{Aquazzura Suede Sandal $495}

Blue suede shoes? Wicked cool version. Pretty please?

{Might Purse $139.69}

A clutch that charges your phone. For real. Mom, I know you want it.


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