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Start with this. Holy dear lord – I was laughing so hard at a few of these notes that I almost cried… #9? I mean come on…

I would love to have one of these coins turn up in my change…

This pie had me at hello…

I’m on Facebook. I have these friends. I might even be one of them… Uh oh.

Make that a grande, whipped, extra hot, soy latte please. Coffee explained here

Are you too busy to live? An argument for changing your vernacular.

Tying shoes got you down? Maybe you are doing it all wrong…

Let’s break bread together… Making bread just got much more interesting.

Perfect holiday nails

Check out this #funnyshit. Watch to the end. Well worth it.

Must. Make. Now. In fact, already ordered a julienne peeler so I can cook this ASAP.

I’ve been doing Qi Gong for nearly 5 years. I like it. A lot.

Awesome and easy DIY!

Have you upgraded your software? Here’s what’s new.

If I had to pick one meal for the rest of my life. Crepes would be it…

Good for your hair, body, and face? I think it is time I try this wonder-product.

Put this on the list for the day when I am feeling like a real Supermom!

Alexa Ray Joel has big shoes to fill. This proves she’s got the chops.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my DIY! x Erin

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