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AmFlagA beautiful image by my friend Clayton Sullivan

On Memorial Day weekend I always take time to think a little about what it means to live in America. It’s a weekend full of classic American goodness. The time spent with family, barbecues, swimming, riding bikes, and parades – all luxuries of living in a land that is free thanks to those who serve. It was a glorious sunny weekend here in Connecticut, made even more fun because of my 15 year reunion up at Yale. I felt a strong sense of nostalgia as I wandered the streets that I had once called home for four years. It’s often only after we have left a place that we are able to truly appreciate its majestic presence. Here are a few snippets of our special weekend. I hope you thanked someone who served, spent time with those you love, and really started to feel the subtle slowing down of the summer months ahead…


One of Yale’s Beautiful Buildings


Yale Art Gallery


Emma and Sophie’s First Visit to Yale


One of many cups at Mory’s – Go Yale hockey!


Some of My Favorite Yalies


New Haven’s own Shake Shack special – chocolate ice cream, peanut butter ribbon, crushed sugar cone, and chunks of chocolate cookie dough!


The best place to be on a summer day…


My Partner in Crime


The Proud Young Biker


Her Biggest Fan


Veggies and Herbs have been purchased – Stay tuned for more details!

And for your viewing pleasure – Em has finally learned to ride a two wheeler. I promise this video is no humble brag. This took us months to master! John and I were worried her lack of interest would mean a life restricted to training wheels… Then we heard about all our friends and their success with balance bikes. We borrowed one for 2 weeks and voila! Balance was achieved! I am again humbled by the joy and excitement felt when I see my little girls learning new things. Parenthood can be so cool. Have a great week everyone.


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  1. Thank you for that Lindley. Need to get more details on that balance bike… our boys could use one:)

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