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One of the first local businesses I featured on the blog here was Mike’s Organic Delivery. It remains one of my favorite here in our area. As a mother of three, I love anyone who is trying to make my food-buying life easier, and my children’s food more healthy. Mike has recently added a whole host of new vendors and continues to build bonds with other local businesses that focus on good eating and healthy living. Mike has generously offered a discount to my readers as well. If you sign up for his food delivery service in the next few weeks and type “sentamentalist10” when you check out you’ll get $10 off your first order. If you type “sentamentalist100” you’ll get $100 off of full summer season orders. I plan on ordering for the summer. The food is that good.¬†Welcome back to the blog Mike!

Q&A with Mike Geller, Founder, Mike’s Organic Delivery

How has Mike’s Organic evolved since we last spoke?

Mike’s Organic has changed a lot in the last 12 months. We have continued our focus on hyper-local and sustainably sourced Produce, Dairy, Meats and more but have really branched out and started to discover small, artisans who produce everything from Organic Baby Food to Fruit Jams to Canned Albacore Tuna. Now you can really shop on our site and get everything you need for your home and don’t have to go to the store!


What are your new products and how have people enjoyed them?

Some of our favorite new products are: SpoonFed Organic Baby Foods (in squeeze pouches), Piggery Pasture Raised Sliced Deli Meats, Back to the Roots Organic Kids’ Breakfast Cereals, Low Sugar Fruit Jams from the Green Jam Man, Organic Sprouted Raw Nuts from Sky Island…there are so many! Everyone loves them and you can’t buy any of them in the stores around here, only at Mike’s!


Any new farms or vendors you are working with and really excited about?

The Piggery is one of our new farm partners that we are just thrilled to be working with. They are located in Ithaca, NY and I visited the farm to meet Brad and Heather, who both attended Cornell University. They are amazing people and raise the happiest, healthiest Pigs, Turkeys and Cows you will ever see! Their butcher shop hand crafts everything from Deli Meats, Meatloaf, Chili, Pork Chops and more for us and it is so refreshing to support such an awesome operation…we love them!


Why do you recommend people go non-GMO and organic when possible?

Eating is a personal decision and I always tell people to just attain as much information as they can and make the decisions that work best for them. I can tell you that the amount of chemicals, gmo’s, antibiotics and more that we are consuming and feeding to our children is really disturbing. Food allergies in Kids have increased 50% IN THE LAST 20 YEARS. There’s a reason for that, and the changes in our food are a very big part of that.


Any specific foods that have unique health qualities that are about to be in season?

As much as we heard it as kids, eat your greens! All the young baby greens in the Spring, Kale, Arugula, Spinach and more are so packed with vitamins. We also can’t wait for LOCAL STRAWBERRIES which should be here in the next 3-4 weeks!


What is the best way to wash fresh produce?

You should never wash your produce until you’re about to eat it. I always just put my salad greens in the spinner, rinse them thoroughly and spin them dry. That’s the beauty of the farms we work with, even though it is all pulled out of the ground hours before you get it, they still clean it on the farm for you!

What are plans for Mike’s Organic in the future?

We are really focusing on bringing on new and exciting products to make busy moms’ lives easier and plenty of goodies for the adults as well. Our corporate Farm Share Programs are also becoming really popular, you get your deliveries at work and bring it all home each week. We have over 33 locations this Summer, from Temples and Churches to Fortune 500 Companies!

For private parties – do you offer catering or cooking?

We do private events on a limited basis, when we have time and aren’t running around to the farms or bringing food to your home. You can always inquire about having us do an event for you at your home!¬†We’ve also begun a “Shop by appointment” offering where you can actually come to our warehouse and shop all of our awesome products. People love to see everything and hear the stories behind the different products we carry.

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