It’s been a while since I’ve done an Instagram post. These are some of my favorite snaps from the last few months. Time continues to fly by. Click and the moment is recorded… You can follow me on Instagram here. Halloween 2014 Last Smooch for the Baby Bump Riverside in the Fall The Last of the Leaves… read more

Healthy Mushroom Soup

  A few weeks back I was at my mom’s house and she heated me up a bowl of mushroom soup. It was so good I had her send me the recipe right away. It’s an adaptation of the Balthazar Cream of Mushroom Soup. This recipe has fewer ingredients and is more healthy without the… read more

Site: The Local Vault

You all know I get very fired up about good local businesses. Today’s post is about a fabulous site I have been meaning to blog about for some time. (I fully blame the new baby for the delay!) Please help me to welcome The Local Vault. Do you ever look around your home and feel… read more

Art: Prints Charming

Animal Prints – $150 eachIn our home we have an eclectic collection of artwork. I love to mix oil paintings, photography, watercolors, and prints – often all in the same room. Once an Art History major in college I adore looking at what other people have on their walls. At my friend Xandy’s she has… read more

PSA: Frozen Breast Milk

Who knew that certain women have an excess of a certain enzyme in their breast milk that makes it un-freezable?!? I thought something was awry when I realized my baby was making a “bitter beer” face when we offered him a warmed bottle of previously frozen breast milk. I then tasted the milk myself (yes… read more

Read: All The Light We Cannot See

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr is a beautiful book. It shook me in a way that was painful but also good. I’ve read quite a few books about World War II but this one was different. This one doesn’t focus on the devastation, torture, and loss suffered by the Jewish community living in Europe…. read more

Bake: Super Easy 3 Ingredient Brownies

Ever needed to bring a dessert to a party and forget to plan ahead? Well this recipe just requires that you have flour and Nutella in the pantry and 2 eggs in the fridge. Sound too simple to be true? It really is. I promise. This is literally the easiest banking recipe I’ve ever come across…. read more

People Are Awesome

x A member of our family is battling cancer and his bravery and optimism is awe inspiring. Last week he sent this link to my husband who passed it on to me. How about that? He is in pain and he feels like total crap but he chooses to see the awesomeness around him. He… read more