Holding On Tight


*Images by Candy Shop Photography I have been cataloguing images recently and it has me in a very sentimental mood. I have the images seared into my mind that show me where I have been these last few years, and how I’ve spent my time. The photos show me what matters most. My marriage is… read more

Happy Anniversary to The Sent!


It is hard to believe that this little site has been up and running for FOUR years now! This week marks our anniversary. Many of the goals I set on that very first post have become a central part of the way I live. And ironically, many of those things I am still working on. It’s… read more

A Bright New Year Ahead!


Hello 2017. I know this year has been a chaotic one for many. I for one love January because I think it offers up an easily grabbed fresh start. It feels so promising. It’s the time of new beginnings. Here are a few ways I plan on getting healthier, happier, and more peaceful in the new… read more

Opinion: How to be Happy During the Holidays

Homemade Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving Ready to Eat; Shutterstock ID 219212602; autumn; baked; cream; creamy; crust; delicious; dessert; fall; festive; food; fork; fresh; holiday; homemade; nutrition; orange; pastry; pie; piece; pumpkin; seasonal; slice; squash; traditional; treat; whipped

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers. This holiday is one of my favorites. No gifts, no decorating – just good food with those we love (and sometimes drive us crazy) and thankfulness. Lots of thankfulness. For good health. For good friends. For a roof over our heads. For fresh air to breathe. For sunrises and sunsets. And all… read more

Opinion: Unite and Move On


Based on what I have read on social media (and what I have personally been feeling since last night), there are a lot of people who are hurting today. Hurting because their dream didn’t come true, their candidate didn’t win, and they are worried about what Trump being president will mean for all our futures…. read more

Politics: Vote

Close view of a collection of VOTE badges. 3D render with HDRI lighting and raytraced textures.

For the most part I try not to get too political over here on the blog. I wholeheartedly believe that each person is entitled to their own opinion, and to their individual voting rights. What’s most important to me is that we all are as educated as possible about the choices we have, and that… read more

Monday Musings: Poop Happens


This fall has been intense. Running around like a  crazy woman, missing appointments, and barely getting back to people on email kind of intense. Some seasons are like that. I am a parent of 3 (plus a puppy) so I am really used to the constant chaos by now. I am not kidding when I… read more

To My Emma on Her 8th Birthday


When my son turned one, I felt it on my heart to capture the overwhelming sentiments I was feeling in a letter. I wanted to give him some guidelines about how I hoped and dreamed he would live his life. As my oldest girl headed into her 8th birthday last week, I couldn’t help but… read more

Opinion: Choosing Love Over Hatred


Hello dear friends. There have been things happening in this world that have me shaken. Up at night and wondering what the fix is. A fix that will actually work. I’ve wanted to speak out here on the blog but I felt called to really sit and think long and hard about what I wanted… read more

Opinion: Where I Am Right Now


It’s been a while since I’ve gotten sentimental over here on the blog. There has been plenty ruminating around inside my head but I was having a tough time putting words to screen. Since John’s dad passed away this winter I have been feeling an underlying sadness. Frankly I never thought I would be so… read more