Workout Gear Refresh with Build by Janel

Well hello summer people. Hoping this blog post finds you sinking into the slower pace of my favorite season. I’ve been loving every hot muggy second. And I am thrilled to report I’ve found extra time to get “back on the mat”! After a few injuries I took some time away from yoga and didn’t realize how much I had missed it. It is in my opinion the absolute best way to stretch out the body and strengthen the core. The hour and a quarter I spend in class really releases stress and grounds me.

I try and keep my eyes on my own mat, but recently I’ve noticed a few great outfits when walking in. It reminded me I needed to add a few new pieces to my very old workout clothes collection. In class I ran into my great friend and talented stylist Janel Alexander. I featured her here and here. Janel is also a yoga teacher and her yoga game is strong. Her outfits are always off the charts fun and unique too. She was kind enough to create a list of her favorite pieces. The pieces themselves are fabulous, but the brands are good to know too.

  1. Carbon 38 Hoodie – On a warmer day when you want to layer over your tank.
  2. The Upside Tank┬á– Kind of over the suburban housewife ironic logo tees, but this is one I can still get behind. ­čśë
  3. Free People Legging – A high waisted exercise pant that will elongate your bottom half? Yes please!
  4. Tibi Silk Jacket –┬áJust one piece can transform your whole day from athleisure to super chic. On SALE too!
  5. Malia Mills Track Pant┬á– The best workout, travel, day/night pant. Side zips and high waist.
  6. Lavaloka Python Pants – Snakeskin always adds a little funk to your look.
  7. Onzie Bra and Pants – Great combo!
  8. Onzie Layering Tank – Perfect over the flower bra and pants! (Matches with everything too!)
  9. Nike Sneaker –┬áPastels are in, and not just in ready-to-wear. A light colored shoe (see image below) is much less heavy and elongating than a dark sneaker.
  10. Live The Process Bodysuit – And if you are really feeling bold – this bodysuit (image 2 below) makes quite the statement.


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