Great App: Audible

As you all know, I’ve been listening to podcasts while I walk and drive for a few years now. I blogged about some of my favorites here. There is literally not a topic you can’t find in podcast form – from the history of how chimneys work to mastering self love. I still love podcasts, but I must admit I have recently become a convert and am now completely obsessed with listening to books on tape. A friend and I recently spent 10 hours (5 up and 5 on the return) in a car driving our daughters to sleep away camp. She proposed we listen to a book on tape and introduced me to the site

We listened to When Life Gives You Lululemons, by Lauren Weisberger on our road trip. It’s another salacious tale by Weisberger with swears and sex aplenty, so we couldn’t listen until the girls were no longer in the car. That meant we didn’t finish the whole book during the ride home so I downloaded the Audible app when I got home to finish the book on my own. The author takes some wild liberties when recreating “Greenwich” and all that unfolds in the lives of Emily Charlton (you first met her in The Devil Wears Prada) and the cast of characters in this novel, but it is highly entertaining nonetheless. There are over-the-top parties, secret romances, naughty politicians, and outrageous outfits – the perfect equation for a light summer read.

Next up I listened to The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah. Not surprising to anyone who read The Nightingale and knows Hannah’s style, this book was a major tearjerker. The book takes place soon after the Vietnam War has ended. The novel follows the life of a man with severe PTSD and what that looks like and how it affects his wife and daughter. They find themselves moving off the grid to the Alaskan wilds, and that’s where it becomes really interesting. The most fascinating part for me was Hannah’s ability to completely transport the reader to Alaska. In the dead of winter, where temps reach negative 30 reglarly, the reader can feel the unbearably cold winter air blowing around you. And you can almost smell the 50 foot pines, damp moss, and crisp ocean air. It’s a love story like no other, but not just between the main character and her first love. Hannah does an incredible job capturing the love shared between a mother and daughter as they battle against the odds of a wild land and a man whose demons threaten to destroy them all. Such a good book.

I’m halfway through The Alice Network, and loving it so far. A full review to come!

Fabulous Steven Gambrel Townhouse

I am a full fledge suburbanite now, but if I had to move back to NYC this townhouse at 68 Morton Street would be a lovely place to live. Currently owned by renowned interior designer Steven Gambrel, every paper and pillow chosen are just perfect. It was originally built in 1846, and Gambrel was very… read more

Friday for the Win

Who wants to join me at the movies??? This Amy Schumer movie, I Feel Pretty just looks beyond. I’ve long been obsessed with movie trailer watching late at night when I have a million other things I should be doing. This one made me laugh out loud. Who wants to see it with me? x… read more

The Best Summer Sunscreen: Beautycounter

Here it is friends. My all-time, favorite, sunscreen this year is from Beautycounter. It’s their new line called Countersun and you can find it here. It glides on smoothly, doesn’t make your eyes tear up when you sweat, and smells delicious. I’ve had great luck with mineral sunscreens in the last few years. I promise… read more

Workout Gear Refresh with Build by Janel

Well hello summer people. Hoping this blog post finds you sinking into the slower pace of my favorite season. I’ve been loving every hot muggy second. And I am thrilled to report I’ve found extra time to get “back on the mat”! After a few injuries I took some time away from yoga and didn’t… read more

Little Wings Gives: Summer Supply Drive for the Boys and Girls Club

For those looking to fill their empty calendar now that many schools are out, we have one last opportunity for you to give back before the summer is officially upon us! We’re hosting a Little Wings Foundation event this week. Please stop by our garage next Wednesday (June 13) between 9am and 6pm to help… read more

Spring is FINALLY Here

Come on spring!!! The sunshine has been a serious game changer over here. Here are some of the outfits, flowers, animals, and food inspiring me this season. Get out there and enjoy the spring!    

Great Business: The Trellis

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Best Books: The Handmaid’s Tale, Commonwealth, Little Fires Everywhere

Looking for a good book? I’ve got three great reads to share. All very different, but each excellent in its own way. In the last two months I had fun reading a really well written award winner, an 80s cult classic, and a current best-seller soon-to-be tv series. Commonwealth, by Ann Patchett was so complicated…. read more

Fabulous Photographer: Brown W. Cannon III

I’m a big believer in “winks”. In our family we call a “wink” any good thing that happens unexpectedly. When John and I headed to Charleston this fall (more about that coming to the blog soon) for a few days we were seeking good food, relaxation, quality time together, and a little shopping on the… read more