Links I Love: August



Here are some of my favorite links from around the web this month. Click on the bolded word to be forwarded to the links!

This article by Lindsey Mead so poignantly expresses how I feel every day.

This might just be the perfect way to always be prepared for a siesta!

I am really feeling “over” how much time I spend mindlessly scrolling through social media sites. It’s a real love hate thing for me. This article makes me wonder if I could actually be sharpening my mind while I pump gas, wait in pick up lines, and other idle moments.

I have never done an official “first day back to school” photo. But I was totally inspired by these ideas and might have to try one this year!

I have been dying to try making crispy (almost fried!) cauliflower. This recipe is calling my name.

I bought this bag back in the spring and am embarrassed to say I haven’t used it nearly enough. Thankfully it’ll look just as great out and about this fall!

Love pizza. I mean – LOVE pizza. This healthier option would be a great option on nights when I want to eat light but still crave pizza. (And I’m not vegan so the one change I would make is I’d use a regular egg instead of a chia egg.)

Has anyone tried these Thinx period underwear? I would love to have to stress less about tampons and pads but I’m just not sure these won’t feel gross. Thoughts?

This beautiful shoe might be the best bang for your buck when it comes to a great purchase for fall. Reminds me of the Chanel I adore and posted on here, but not even a sixth of the price!

Best Gifts: Snap Circuits Jr.


From time to time I get a text from a friend asking what I think are the best gifts for kids – age 6, 7, 8, 10, etc. This gift, Snap Circuits Jr., was sent to us by Emma’s (my 8 year old) godmother. It has provided us with hours of fun. JT (my 19… read more

Dog Days of Summer


The only sad thing about summer is when it ends. I must admit I am just not ready for “back to school” or fall. I’m hanging on tight to these last few weeks…      

Introducing Milly!


I’m pretty sure we were at capacity over here in these parts. 3 kids, new house (that needs a lot of work!), part-time job for me, full time job for hubby, etc. BUT we all had this nagging little voice inside our heads saying, “It’s time for a puppy.” In fact two members of our… read more

To My Emma on Her 8th Birthday


When my son turned one, I felt it on my heart to capture the overwhelming sentiments I was feeling in a letter. I wanted to give him some guidelines about how I hoped and dreamed he would live his life. As my oldest girl headed into her 8th birthday last week, I couldn’t help but… read more

Great Read: The Secret Garden


At the end of the last school year the girls and I decided we would start reading chapter books together as a threesome. It was a great incentive for us to speed up the usually very slow “getting ready for bed” process as we scrambled to jump in bed and dive into our book. I… read more

Just for Kicks!


Because we all need to laugh… x

Amazing Art: Alberto Seveso


One look and I was hooked. The liquid photography created by Italian-born Alberto Seveso is absolutely gorgeous. He achieves this visual phenomenon with a technique of mixing ink with metallic powders and suspending them in liquid. I’ll take one in every color.  

Great Read: The Happiness Project


While it sounds like an overstatement, I can confidently say that The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin made me think more about my life and how I live it than any book I have read in the last ten years. This book was a best seller 5 years ago, but I somehow missed it when it… read more

Summer Inspiration


It’s hard to believe summer is halfway over. Say it ain’t so! Summer is without a doubt my favorite season in the Northeast. I want to soak up every minute of it until it’s over.