Lessons in Parenting

Parenting is the great equalizer. I’ve said before that it is the toughest job we will ever do. In minutes it can completely humble us and bring us to our knees. But when done well it is incredibly rewarding. I know that for me each day seems to present me with opportunities for success and… read more

Laugh With Me – It’s Wednesday.

Sticks and stones may break their bones… This is a hysterical clip of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. You all know I am addicted to Instagram. This song proves they are on to me… This is quite possibly one of the best play-by-play voicemail messages I have every heard. The detail… I couldn’t help… read more

Gift Guide: For the Host

‘Tis the season! Nothing says “thank you for having me” like a special gift. A bottle of your favorite wine is a great idea, but sometimes a one-of-a kind item that the host would most likely not buy themselves is a better answer. I’m a big fan of buying a few things and keeping them… read more