Favorite Small Business: The Monogram Studio

When it comes to personalizing a special item there are few places I’ve found in our area that work quickly and can monogram on a variety of materials. Thank goodness for Dancia Rose of The Monogram Studio. She’s a complete pleasure to work with and monograms everything from bedding to baby blankets. She keeps some… read more

The Power of Dance

Last night I was catching up on recorded episodesĀ of “So You Think You Can Dance” and fell in love with this Sonya Tayeh choreographed contemporary piece. The dancers are magical and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the TV for even a moment while they were on stage. The dance is about losing a… read more

Breaking News

Back in the day I was a bonafide news junky. The TV was turned on at all times when I was at home and I was usually tuned into my local news channel. It was the industry I worked in and I was dead set on staying on top of it. (In my opinion there… read more

Back to School: 4 Easy Hairdos for Girls

For those of you with sons be grateful that a quick brush of the hair is all you need to do to get your kids looking in-line and ready for school. For parent’s of daughters the whole “What to do with that mess of hair every day?” question can be a bit more daunting. I… read more

Best Books: Someday

With my oldest heading to kindergarten this week and my baby joining her big sister at the same school I can’t help but feel a little wistful at how quickly the years are flying by. It feels like yesterday the girls were babes so easily cradled in my arms. We read this sweet book the… read more