Great Places: Jones Family Farms

You asked for it – so I am delivering. Every year I have at least a handful of readers who ask me where they can go to cut down their own Christmas tree. This past weekend we headed to the Jones Family Farms to chop down a beautiful Douglas Fir. It’s an understatement to say… read more

Holiday Cooking: Spiced Nuts

This recipe is an adaptation of one created by the fabulous Ina Garten. I’ve added thyme and chose to use a variety of nuts instead of just cashews. It’s perfect for serving at holiday cocktail parties, and also makes a great gift for teachers or friends. Ingredients: 1 cup unsalted cashew nuts 1 cup unsalted walnuts 1… read more

Dear John: A Letter to My Son on His Birthday

To my little prince, It’s hard to believe you came into our lives 1 year ago. At times it feels like I have known you a lifetime and at others it seems you just arrived. Having a son – where to even begin? People warned me it would be different but before you were here I… read more

November: Links I Love

Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web this past month. Enjoy! A 32,000 year old plant? Very cool. This NY Times article about raising successful children is a must read for all parents. How delicious do these look??? In light of the massacres that recently occurred in Paris, this is a great… read more

Ode to Parenting

Ode to Coffee Oh coffee, my coffee, how I do love thee. With puffy eyes and mangled hair I come to you each day. You, so quiet and serene, no arguing with you over what you want to wear to school. “Put on your shoes!” I say to you never. I walk away – leaving… read more

Music: Hello

On this dreary day here in Connecticut I am digging on Adele’s new song Hello. As is the custom with Adele’s albums her debut song does not disappoint. It’s bluesy, strong, and passionate. I’ve had it on repeat all week… x

House Update: The Playroom

Since we moved in in July we have been chipping away at small projects. We have a few rooms that are 50% finished but nothing that is ready for a true “before and after” here on the blog. Ironically the only room that is ready for its debut is the playroom. The walls still need… read more

Best Books: Stick and Stone

This story made my heart go pitter-patter. Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld is the sweetest story. A stick and a stone may seem to have nothing in common to the outside eye but this story shows us how friendship can bloom between unlikely objects. Stick and Stone, both lonely on their… read more

Great Gadget: Wine Brush

  As I sit here bloggin’ and sippin’ on a glass of wine I realized that children (and the things invented to help with them) really can be a boon to all people. Even those who don’t have kids. And especially those who drink. And most especially those who drink wine. A few weeks back… read more