Great Movie: Trolls


GAGH!!!!!! The trolls are back. I was WAY into them in the 80s. And now Dreamworks has nailed it once again and made an outrageously adorable film about them. Trolls, in theaters now, is truly magical. I took my 6 year old on Saturday and my 8 year old also saw it with a friend this weekend. We were all on cute overload afterwards. It would be almost impossible to leave the theater without a huge grin on your face. Anna Kendrick plays the female lead and Justin Timberlake the male. They both have off-the-charts voices. Timberlake was also the executive music producerĀ for the film and includes a few of his current hits as well as some classic tunes rewritten for the movie. We were singing the whole way to the car. In the movie a grumpy group of monsters named the Bergens try to capture trolls and eat them because eating a troll at “Trollstice” is the only thing that can make them happy. The trolls flee from their home and relocate to avoid being eaten year after year. And as you can imagine, trolls are captured, rescue missions are embarked upon, friendships are made, and good triumphs over evil. The message in the movie is that happiness comes from within us and is nurtured by love, friendship, and connecting with others. I guarantee your kids will love it.


Trolls on The Sent

Trolls on The Sent


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  1. Selina Strong says:

    Do you think it’s too scary for a 4 1/2 year old? We want to take Gracie.

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