Rad Art: Cj Hendry

At first glance the works of Australian artist Cj Hendry look like thick blobs of oil paint photographed on a blank canvas. Get ready to have your mind blown – this entire series of hyperrealism drawings, titled Complimentary Colors, was actually created with nothing more than colored pencils. I can’t even. The highlights and shadowing are off the hook. My favorite by far is “Rugby Field Green” featured in the last image. To no ones surprise when the works debuted at Art Basel Hong Kong this past year all 40 sold out in minutes. Wish I had been there…

Hyperrealistic Art

Hyperrealistic Drawings of Oil Paint

Rugby Field Green

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  1. Wow, this is amazing!

  2. Super cool Lindley, love these. Can’t believe they were colored with colored pencils! Thanks for sharing.

  3. absolutely awesome !!

  4. Truly Remarkable!

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