Best Books: You Are Special


You Are Special is a book that should be in everyones library. It’s particularly poignant on a day when you or your little people are feeling less than special and need to be reminded that you are in fact perfect-as-you-are, loved, and precious. In this book author Max Lucado introduces the reader to the Wemmicks, a population of small wooden people who are each carved by a wood-maker named Eli. They spend their days sticking small golden stars to other Wemmicks who are beautifully finished and talented. Those who are chipped and clumsy are covered with grey dots. The protagonist Punchinello, covered in grey dots, is near his breaking point when he meets a beautiful female Wemmick with not a dot or star on her. He inquires about how she has stayed unblemished by stickers and she tells him to visit his maker Eli to learn the secret. Punchinello doubts that his maker will have time for a dull Wemmick like himself, but makes the trip to his wood shop out of desperation. He is completely shocked to learn that the “Maker” remembers each and every Wemmick he has carved and finds them, shiny or dull, to be just perfect. Eli lets Punchinello in on the secret that it is only when you don’t care about the opinion of the person putting the sticker on you that it no longer sticks to you. Now that’s a message I can work with. Worry less about what people think of you and think more about your maker who created you just as you were meant to be. Get this book. You’ll feel better after reading it.

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