Wisdom For Tough Days

I know I needed to hear these insights from We The Urban today. I’m thinking maybe a few of you need to hear this too. No matter how dark the day feels, we can choose to be the light. We can set boundaries. We can cut out those who continue to wound us. And we… read more


These are the things I’ve been digging on this month. The images, words, and people that have made me wonder deeper, breathe more easily, and remember what matters. If something hits my heart I screenshot it. Revisiting this album fascinated me. What are you inspired enough to screenshot for future reminders??? What if every day… read more

Where do we go from here?

I finally had “that week”. The one where the uncertainty felt too much, death from COVID felt too close to home, the schoolwork felt too frustrating, and the indoor time made my skin crawl. I wanted to get the kids outside, but the rain limited options. I lost my shit on my husband, and started… read more

Fall Inspiration

Are you living in abundance?

Over the last few weeks as I prepared for a new year to begin (for parents September is often our “New Year” as we hustle and prep for a new academic year) I have thought often about abundance and scarcity. Think of those two words. One rich in good feelings, and a sense that there… read more

Living Amazed

If there has been one thing that keeps coming back to me this summer, it’s a small internal voice saying, “Are you seeing it? This amazing moment?” I am consciously, each year more and more, trying to slow down enough to create space to just watch the wonder around me. I complain often that my… read more

Spring is FINALLY Here

Come on spring!!! The sunshine has been a serious game changer over here. Here are some of the outfits, flowers, animals, and food inspiring me this season. Get out there and enjoy the spring!    

‘Tis The Season

*images from Pinterest and Habitually Chic  

Simple Summer Style

I have started and then set aside at least 10 posts in the last few weeks. I was trying to tackle some meatier topics, but alas I have “summer brain” and can’t seem to get anything done. For now you’ll have to be satisfied with some fabulous summery images. All things that have me inspired… read more

Spring Inspiration 2017