Five Friday Favorites – For Athletes

It’s Friday people. Time to sweat it out. Let Sunday be your day of rest. Squeeze in one more workout before you head into the weekend. You know you never regret it, but in case you need some extra motivation – this gear is good. Trust me. Oh and the song at the end – that’s just an added bonus.

These pants are made of a nice thick fabric that hides any lumps or bumps. I can never figure out where to stash my iPhone while I run – the small zip pocket on the front panel is ideal. AND the smooth black fabric without patterns means you can easily pull on knee-high boots and a sweater to magically look like you are no longer in gym clothes. Perfect for days when you are cramming it all in.

Nancy Rose Plank Crop $72.00


Some days I can’t get to the gym. These are my stay at home frenemies. Love them and hate them at the same time. The smooth side glides on carpets, and the fabric side glides on hard floors. Lunges and squats have never burned so badly… Imagine – you can tighten your tush while standing in your tv-room watching old episodes of Downton Abby? Brilliant. And yes, these would easily fit in your suitcase when you travel. No more excuses.

Power Glide Discs $14.33


The Armour39 Module and Chest Strap is high tech. Gadgets are cool. They make you feel hard core. This one is so cutting edge you can’t even buy it yet. It’s got technology that let’s you measure your heart rate, calories burned, and real-time intensity. I’m down. You can pre-order it now and have it by mid-spring. Don’t worry about competing against other. Focus on beating your own best time. That’s what makes you better.

Armour39 Module and Chest Strap $149.99


I have wide-ish feet with flat arches. This shoe has been my running partner ever since I started jogging regularly 2 years ago. It’s incredibly lightweight and they are always coming up with fun colors – the shoe is like a little dance party just for your feet.

Asics Gel GT-2170 $79.95


And in case you need a little more motivation – my boy Eminem might be able to get you good and amped up before you work out. Ok, maybe he’s not “my boy” but I do dig him. Even though it is very out of character – I love his music.

Eminem, “Lose Yourself”

What’s your favorite gear? Let me know in the comment section.

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