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YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist

Finally! A new athletic clothing brand called YogaSmoga has come to market and they’ve nailed it on the material and design front. The clothes fit like a glove without pinching or restricting. I’ve mentioned before that I am a devoted Yogi. This line is perfect for yoga but versatile enough to wear during any exercise. The pieces are great for layering which make them ideal for post-workout coffee dates and kiddie pick-ups. The founders, a creative and conscientious brother/sister team care deeply about client satisfaction. Lucky for us YogaSmoga has just opened a serene new space at the top of Greenwich Avenue and other locations are soon to follow all over the US. And please join us at the store’s grand opening this Wednesday night (invitation below). Food and drink will be served as well as 20% off all purchases. See you there!

YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist

YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist

YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist

Interview with YogaSmoga Co-Founders brother and sister Rishi and Tapasya Bali

Why did you create YOGASMOGA?

Having grown up in the Himalayan region of India, widely considered to be the birthplace and capital of yoga, we believe we can offer a deeper understanding of the yoga culture through YOGASMOGA. We were inspired to bring a level of elegance, authenticity and innovation to create a lifestyle brand that will make a lasting emotional connection with our consumers. Like most entrepreneurs, we felt we could do things better in the yoga inspired apparel space.

What does the name mean and symbolize?

YOGASMOGA is a nod of respect to our Indian culture where it’s a custom to rhyme words. YOGA is the core essence of who we are and what we stand for. SMOGA refers to “all things that go with yoga” since we aim to fit the on-the-go lifestyle needs of our consumers.

Why do you think Greenwich will be a good market for your brand?

We are thrilled to be joining the Greenwich community and they have welcomed us with open arms. We really want to establish deeper connections in the communities where our consumers live. Being on Greenwich Avenue gives us that opportunity. Greenwich shoppers are very discerning and have an excellent eye for quality, function and fashion. In addition, this community leads a very active lifestyle so it’s a perfect fit for our very first retail location.

Is it just yoga wear or do you have pieces that are designed to be worn during other forms of exercise?

We like to say YOGASMOGA is for “gym to life.” Our apparel is meant to be worn and enjoyed wherever life takes you…from the yoga mat, gym, grocery store to lounging. We think of ourselves as a yoga and wellness company that makes things for life.

What do you hope to bring to the “Athleisure” sector?

Innovative fabrics and technology. Yoga is one of the oldest traditions and has truly stood the test of time so we want to marry the ancient knowledge of yoga with newer and better technology. Great fabric technology is the true foundation for our apparel. The fiber makes the fabric, the fabric makes our clothes and our clothes make you feel like making a difference every day. The incredible growth of athletic and leisure apparel is changing the fashion landscape and we are ready to be an integral part.

Where do you make your clothing and how much do you focus on the quality of the materials?

We proudly manufacture and design in the USA. Our commitment to the quality of our products is first and foremost. We have the most technically advanced fabric and manufacturing technologies. We assume responsibility for each step of the production process –from sourcing fiber to bringing you the finished apparel.

Do the materials shrink or change color when you wash and dry them?

Never! Everything is tested against very high standards and we have significant quality control in place. We check every garment before we shop – a 100% QC check is very rare but we do it as we want to deliver the best to our customers. We’ve created our own proprietary fabrics, such as Aurum, that contains pilling resistant technology that generic nylons can’t compare to. There is absolutely no shrinkage. Guaranteed. We have created our own colors that won’t fade and won’t bleed and everything is done in a very eco-friendly manner. We even created a black so deep we call it – Carbon 6 – using the highest quality pigments. It’s incredibly flattering. And, the good news is you can wear it and wash it to your heart’s content!

We know you are selling your line in the store on the street level but what are your future plans for that great studio space you have upstairs?

We are really excited about the YOGASMOGA Townhouse and plans are underway for our second level, which will provide an elegant lounge space for everyone in the community. We want to allow our consumers to engage and come together for yoga and wellness. We may have a studio for classes and one-to-one private yoga, a juice bar and coffee station, specialty events and more. Please stay tuned!

Is there a philanthropic side to the business?

Giving is a core value of YOGASMOGA. We have created the Namaskár Foundation to focus on three important causes in communities around the world: health, education and micro-lending. While many are familiar with the greeting – Namasté -fewer in the west are familiar with the traditional Indian greeting – Namaskár. More respectful than Namasté, it is not simply a greeting but a profound philosophy of shunning arrogance and negating one’s ego. We have coordinated the manufacturing and sales of hand woven bracelets being made on handlooms in remote villages in the Himalayas. These bracelets are sold by YOGASMOGA for $10 and net proceeds of all sales will be donated to the Namaskár Foundation. Grab one from our Greenwich store or online.

YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist

YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The SentimentalistYogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist

YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist YogaSmoga on The Sentimentalist


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