Parenting: Summer Shoes For Every Occasion

Untitled-1I have always found shopping for children’s shoes to be kind of daunting. First off, most of the stores in our area are pretty over-priced. Online pricing is much better but what to do when you don’t know the exact size in a given brand that will fit your child? I know Emma wears a 9 in Tsukihoshi but she is a solid 10 in Salt Water Sandals. Sadly trial and error with sites that have a good return policy (Hello Zappos!) seems to be our best bet. Below is a list of the shoes we’ve fallen in love with this summer so far. A little something for everyone!

1) Cienta Mary Jane ($36.00) – This is a very transitional shoe. White soles so it can be worn on courts in a pinch but we really use it for the playgrounds and days when we are on the move but still want to look a little dressed up. And the best part for the girls? The purple ones smell like grape and the pink ones smell like strawberry. I am not even kidding. Next time you see Emma in these shoes ask her to take a whiff. AMAZING!!!

2) Tsukihoshi Water Shoe ($48.90) – These sneakers are great for girls and boys (they come in a variety of colors). Velcro makes them easy to put on and off by yourself, AND they are made of a breathable mesh material so that your kiddos don’t keep telling you their feet are hot all the summer long. The mesh means no socks necessary and they dry quickly when exposed to water. The soles are smooth so we’ll be wearing them for tennis at camp this summer too!

3) Adidas Gazelle Sneaker ($38.99) – I adore this sneaker. Something about a little boy in an Adidas sneaker just makes me smile. They come in a few different colors and they too have smooth soles so they can be worn for play or tennis.

4) Jack Rogers Sandals ($89.00) – These are John’s favorite. Truthfully for me and the girls… What can I say? The guy has a strong inner prep! The girls get such a kick out of having the same thing as me and I am smitten with their tiny pint size version of this old classic. These are great because they slide right on and can be worn casually with a short and shirt or for more fancy occasions with a sundress.

5) Havaianas Flip Flops ($14.00) – These are cute, affordable, waterproof AND they come in every color under the sun so you are sure to find just the right pair for any young wearer.

6) Salt Water Sandals ($32.00) – This is another very versatile shoe. Totally waterproof and they have never ever given my girls a blister because the leather is really soft. We wear these guys casual or fancy. They come in tons of colors too!

7) Cherokee for Target Sandals ($17.99) – Who doesn’t love a sparkly sandal in the summer? The reasonable price tag means Emma can wear these for play and casual without me ever worrying that she’s ruining her “fancy” shoe on the playground. They make her feel like a princess… What could be better than that?

8) Native Swim Shoes ($29.99) – This is another great unisex shoe. They come in 10 colors, are ideal for the beach, are easy to get on and off, and are waterproof to boot!

All together now – let’s hear it for HAPPY FEET!!!

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  1. Hi Lindley,
    I love reading your blog! I wanted to tell you that last week at camp, Emma took off her shoes and had me smell them! They smelled just like grapes! I wish they came in adult sizes 🙂

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