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I got a Rag and Bone dress today. It’s GORGEOUS!

Wish I could say I bought it, but I didn’t. It was “handed off” to me by a friend. It was just a smidge too tight on her ribcage and she figured since I am 5 whole inches shorter than her my ribcage might be shorter too. My smaller size and the fact that I have told her in the past that I LOVE free stuff is the reason she chose to give it to me and not some other lucky style-hound. I am not embarrassed by hand-me-downs and I take great pride in telling others when I am wearing something I got for free or on discount. I am just that way.

So here’s the thing. We live in a very blessed town. Most of us can afford to buy new clothes for our children, but honestly, why should we? How many times have you packed up clothes at the end of the season only to realize a really nice item was only worn once or twice and is now too small for your little bean sprout that seems to grow 2 inches a month?!? That’s why I say pass it along.

If you are having more kids, then by all means keep your stuff, but if you are done with clothes and toys, “share” them. I love giving to charity so that is always a great option. Do it. Just don’t forget the other option which is thinking about friends and family whose kids are a year or two behind yours. Give them a call, tell them you have stuff, and hand it off. If it doesn’t work for them, it might work for someone they know.

(Moncler Mini)

Sophie is currently the proud owner of a fabulous purple, fur-trimmed Moncler (similar to the one above) that was “shared” with me by a friend. In fact it had been “shared” with her by another friend the year before. It is WAY chic, especially for a mini. Mommy doesn’t even own a Moncler, but she sure would like to…

The other special thing about hand-me-downs is that when your kids get them, it’s fun to talk about who they are from. Emma likes nothing more than to know a dress she is wearing was once worn by her cherished older cousin. We talk about how Lily wore a dress when she was Emma’s age, and then we talk about how grown up and tall Lily is now, and next thing you know we are fantasizing about how exciting it will be when Emma is 6 – just like Lily is now. She reaches for dresses with a history much more frequently than the new stuff we buy. Maybe that’s the way to think about it. These aren’t old clothes, but rather it’s a wardrobe with a history…

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