Great Kitchen Investment: Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

I am going to come clean, which I haven’t done on the blog enough recently, but I was a terrible chef for myself, my kids, and my husband last year. I’m not proud to say there were many nights when I left my husband fending for himself and whipping up some very creative leftovers (read toast and eggs). He is always happy to cook for us too, but as he gets home at 8pm most nights, and I work from home, I am the weekday chef. I think food is an incredibly important part of life. Health and wellness has such correlation to what we eat and drink. All that being said I am committing to trying new things this year, and cooking healthy meals throughout the week (and not just on Saturday/Sunday nights). So far the kids have loved swordfish sautéed in lemon and butter, and shrimp stir fry was a huge hit. My 10 year old cooked a little this summer too and I hope to get some of her recipes on the blog in the months to come. (See how I said “in the months to come” instead of “in the weeks to come”? Clearly I am being very reasonable with my goal setting this year too. Ha!)

A few years back I decided to toss our very old non-stick pots and pans (I had read some awful articles about what happens when the non-stick materials start to break down and leach into your food), and I bought this stainless steel set by Cuisinart. I have LOVED using them. They clean easily, cook beautifully, and I don’t have to worry about them being harmful to our family. I just wanted to share my favorite pans in case any other readers are feeling like they need some shiny new pans to get them back to the stove… Be well friends.


  1. dearest lindley,
    I signed up for a home delivery service for two meals a week. They provide everything you will need to prepare a yummy gourmet style dinner. You choose your meals from a menu of delightful offerings and your level of expertise and EVERYTHING arrives in a box on your chosen day! even down to a pat of Irish butter. Last Spring, I purchased the set of beautiful Cuisinart cook ware that you mentioned. And I feel very “cheffy” using them. There’s a whole new level of dining going on around here plus gratitude and delight that I can do this! Feels really good.

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