Five Friday Favorites from Target

I have a love/hate thing going on with Target (it’s mostly love). For me it’s a dangerous place. I can go in for one small item and I have almost never walked out without spending $150. I need ONLY sunscreen and I leave with a t-shirt, shampoo, 3 different sized light bulbs, and a box of graham crackers all valued at roughly $150 dollars. I need ONLY a big container of Tide and oddly enough I head home with a few swimsuits for the girls, a sports bra for me, some organic whole milk, the TideĀ I went in for in the first place, and a lip balm that looked really yummy. Again I have spent $150. I have finally learned (READ am still trying to learn) it is all about editing what is in the cart. Below are some of my absolute favorite things that I bought last time I was there. The combined value is well below $150. Phew!

Noosa Yogurt $2.39

This yogurt is named after an oasis located in Australia’s Sunshine Coast but oddly enough it is produced in Colorado. Come to think of it – on their site they say they are inspired by Greek yogurt too. How very worldly of them. Truth be told I don’t care where it is made – I just care that it is fabulous. It’s Rich. It’s creamy. And it’s made with really pure ingredients. It tastes like dessert sans the guilt.

Goody Elastics $4.31/32pk

I think by not it is pretty apparent that I am into hair. I’m almost never without a hair-tie around my wrist. The selection at Target blows CVS out of the water. CVS, I love that discount card more than chocolate but Target beats you on the Goody front.

Skinny Belts $12.99-$14.99

Have you ever? The colors, the studs, the fact that they cost $12.99. Buy one. Buy two. Buy three. Just be careful and remember what I said about 150 dollars.

Larabar Protein Bars $5.59/5pk

I tried these bars a few weeks back and have now become fully addicted. Each bar is roughly 200 calories and the ingredients are so pure that the list usually consists of between 4 and 9 ingredients. I am uhb-sessed with nuts so this is what I always grab when I am running out the door and eating on the go. It’s light enough you can exercise right after eating it but heavy enough that it will hold you over until your next meal.

Lounge Pants $22.99

And lastly the lounge pant. God how I love to lounge… This picture doesn’t do them justice but I swear these simple sweatpants are buttery soft and the perfect weight for this weird in between winter and spring thing going on. The fold-over waist band makes them less “college early 1990s” and much more “West Coast bohemian 2000s”. Either way men will hate them and women will overwear them…

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