Better Business: Computer Super Center

Computer Super Center on The Sent

Computer Super Center is right on Greenwich Avenue on the intersection of Mason Street and Lewis Street.

When my hard drive died a few weeks back it’s an understatement to say I was panicked. My initial inclination was to run to the Apple Store for help. In retrospect I now realize that Apple is great at making/selling technology but not necessarily at fixing it. After tinkering with my laptop they had the good sense to see when they were in over their heads and send me along to a far more capable company. How I didn’t know¬†Computer Super Center existed here in Greenwich I do not know. They are in a word AWESOME. Nate, one of their bright technicians happens to be my new favorite person. He has a great attitude, is attentive and calls you with updates throughout the process, and was kind enough to be patient with me and my emotional roller coaster as we figured out whether or not 100s of photos of my son’s first 6 months of life would be recoverable. They also have a rad little parking lot behind their office where you can park for free (without the hassle of Greenwich Avenue meters) while you are in their shop. Thanks to the team at the Computer Super Center the photos have been saved and my laptop has a new hard drive and I am once again working on blog posts and tackling a long line of unanswered¬†emails. If you should find yourself in a tech-fiasco in the future head on in. I have a feeling they’ll be able to make it all better.

Computer Super Center on The Sent

FREE parking for customers is key.

Computer Super Center on The Sent

When priceless photos and documents are on the line it’s well worth paying CSS fees to rescue your data!

Computer Super Center on The Sent

They also sell keyboards, hard drives, speakers and a whole host of other great gadgets.

Computer Super Center on The Sent

No need to go to Staples for ink cartridges for your printer – they have those too!


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