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mPower Jump on The Sentimentalist

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to discover this nifty gadget. If you have ever had your car battery die at an inopportune time you will understand why this contraption is so genius! It all started two weeks ago when our car battery died. It was 8 am and I had all 3 kids packed up for a quick same-day trip to Philadelphia so that my new son JT could meet his great grandparents. I went out to start the car and found that the battery was dead. Ugh. The biggest issue was that I couldn’t call my grandfather to cancel because he is very hard of hearing and I knew it would confuse him that I was canceling just hours┬ábefore he was expecting me. I literally threw my hands up in the air and said the “Come on God!” prayer and then turned my head to see my savior, our neighbor who can fix anything, getting out of his car next door. This guy is a man who is prepared for anything. (He has a Jeep with a snow plow attachment. No joke. What could be cooler than that with the winters we’ve been having?) He noted my car hood was propped open and gestured he would be right over. He came wielding this mPower Technologies Jumper and the rest is history. The most incredible part is that with the “Jump” you don’t need another car to jump start your battery. The black box attached to the clips is actually a battery that is strong enough to jump a dead car battery. No second car needed, and thankfully so since the SUV was parked nose-in in our single lane driveway and we couldn’t have reached it with another car if we needed to. As you can imagine I immediately ordered two of these mPower Jumps (one to keep in each car). I have a funny feeling they will be very useful to me and others in the future. Good info right? When was the last time your car battery died and left you in a lurch?????



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  1. Blanche says:

    Where did you buy this? Great idea!

  2. Kathy Altomaro says:

    One of those things we all mean to get! It would make a great birthday gift ! You’re the best

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