February: Links I Love

February Links on The Sent

I am so all about female validation. It’s my love language.

I’ve heard there are many health benefits to drinking from a copper water bottle. Just ordered this one from Amazon. Will keep you posted.

People always compliment my pics on Instagram. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to using lots of tech-tricks to make them look better. Here’s a great basic list of things you can do to up your “photo game”.

I love a dress that does double-duty. This one by Veronica Beard would look great with flats and a cardigan or pumps and some fun jewels. Day to night perfection!

Really??? Earphones that release dopamines and make you feel better? These might be worth a try!

If only every amazing teacher knew how much they meant to their students. I watched this and wept.

I am on a mission to be better about eating a healthy breakfast (no more zone bars for me!). This omelet might be just the thing to change my ways.

I have been sending bags (which they send to you and you do not pay shipping for) of clothes and shoes to ThredUp for months. They resell tons of brands and issue you credits to shop online or send you a payment for your items that sell. The best part is that they recycle the items they can’t resell.

I am blown away by how much this family grows on 1/10 of an acre in downtown Los Angeles. 900 chicken eggs and 1000 duck eggs in one year? Insanity. I am amazed.



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