February: Links I Love


  1. For all you high end shoppers… You’ll never worry about sounding like an amateur again.
  2. Even when they tell you “you can’t” – always believe YOU CAN.
  3. Loving watcing the sports in Sochi. Really cool post with national flags made of food!
  4. Wish I didn’t always kill my orchids. Perhaps some more realistic options?
  5. What does the fox say?
  6. Hmmmm… Think about it. I sure will.
  7. Ever wonder how J.Crew gets that fabric so bright?
  8. Do you like dogs? Do you imagine yours can talk? I really think this is what he is saying…
  9. It’s still scarf weather. Still. This tutorial changes it up a little.
  10. Holy homes!
  11. Great lighting – bring a little color to your life!
  12. Can someone buy me a penguin? Please? Pretty please?

And your added bonus for this week – a video that had my husband and my friend’s husband in stitches tonight. Literally had them doubled over even though they had seen in multiple times before. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

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  1. Nice layout Lee. Very pretty. Xx

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