A Tireless Effort

Doesn’t it feel good when someone thanks you. Looks you in the eye and really says “Thank you.” I think there is great value in letting someone know they are appreciated. I know it makes me work even harder when I think gratitude might be lurking on the other side of my endeavor.

So here’s the back story – last week was hot. Hit the pavement and your shoes melt, damp back of the neck, humid and muggy hot. That’s when I got a flat tire after doing a 4-kid carpool to camp drop-off. Awesome. Thank goodness I live just one mile away from Mavis Tire Company on the Post Road in Riverside. I love Mavis Tire. Ed, who runs the joint is just a solid dude.

Here’s the back BACK story – I have stopped in on many a cold winter days at Mavis when the warning sign on the dashboard said my tire pressure was low. Yes I know that cold weather messes with the pressure inside tires and that was what had most likely triggered the warning sign, but still one needs to check these things out with a professional. Especially when there are babes in the backseat. Each and every time I have gone to Mavis with a tire concern they have never asked if I bought my tires there but they’ve just signaled me in, checked my tire pressure, added a little air, and sent me on my way.

We have in fact bought tires from them and my hubby says the prices are competitive. (Extra bonus because you know I am cheap.) Two years ago, after we bought a set of tires I noticed that one had a nick in the side. Clearly this was caused by one of the two drivers in our household catching a curb as they pulled in to parallel park. Let’s not start pointing fingers people. I am a good parker. I digress… So I headed over to Mavis and asked Ed what he thought. He said, “The nick is in a safe spot and most likely would never affect the tire or cause it to blow. But since you have kids in the car I just wouldn’t want you to take that risk. We’ll give you a new tire. That’s what I would do if my grandkids were in the car.” That answer made me almost cry – a little. I am an easy crier. He didn’t have to change the tire for me and it did come out of his pocket since we had gotten insurance when we bought the tires. I got my free tire and left a loyal customer. Forever.

Back to the original back story – on that 92 degree day last week I trekked over to Mavis and they were backed up with cars. They diagnosed the flat when they saw a nail stuck into the back right tire but said they could easily patch it. I held my breath as I waited for them to tell me how long it would take. They saw the desperation on my face (remember I had just done the 3 kid drop off and still had one kid with me) and they could tell I had campers to pick up and errands to run and a car to pack for our weekend trip to VT. They said “We’ll have it done in 2 hours.” When does that usually happen? Never. They made what could have been a big old shitastrophe into a pretty uncomplicated situation. Thank goodness. Thank Mavis.

The Nail That Nailed My Tire

The guys who helped me that day could tell I had an odd overly-happy look on my face when I returned for the car and the tire that had been “patched”. They were on to me and didn’t even bat an eyelash when I asked to see the nail they had pulled out of my tire. They could tell I was into the whole tire thing. They proved that from the top down the guys who work there are great. So this is my way of saying THANK YOU. And keep up the good work. If you have tire issues head to Mavis Tire. They don’t disappoint.

Da Tires at Mavis

* Sidebar – the tire was never actually flat. That floppy lumpy bumpy – skid off the road flat tire thing is usually reserved for the movies. This flat tire presented itself in the form of a warning sign on the dashboard that read “Check Tire Pressure”.

** And no I am not being paid for any part of this message. I just wanted to give credit where credit was due and say thank you. Sincerely.

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