I will try.

This week I will channel a little more Mother Teresa in everything I do.

I will not gossip, and I will give someone an unexpected compliment.

I will fearlessly give love to many people.

I will pray for someone who feels lonely and unwanted.

I will call a friend I haven’t spoken to in too long.

I will have patience with my children, especially when I tell them for the third time to put their shoes on.

I will smile – as I drive, as I run errands, while I work out, and especially at myself when I am looking in the mirror. If you smile enough it is inevitable that you will start to feel happy.


I will remember that fixing my own flaws is more important than worrying about the flaws of others.

Mother teresa

I will try.

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  1. Have you been watching the new Under Armour campaign?


  2. You are amazing sentimentalist. You have inspired me to try to live atleast one day following all these principles… keep up the good work you have great things to say!
    Truly blessed!

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