Instagram makes me happy. So does Jamaica, spring flowers, beer, little ponytails, window washing, wigs, Toms…

Something about this sign at the Blues Jean Bar reminded me of college…

Who knew that weeds could be so lovely?

Even my feet were happy in Jamaica.

Toms – good brand, good style, good work.

Jamaica In Full Bloom

Greenwich In Full Bloom

Remember when you were happy even if you had ice cream dribbled down the front of your suit?

Almond Milk Latte and Free Wifi at CFCF in Greenwich = A Good Place to Have a Meeting

The Little Filly

Lunch in Jamaica. Yup, still happy.

Toms for the Minis are even cuter…

Magnolias in Bloom

In Jamaica I was a morning person…

At home I am apparently very good at “doing the dishwasher”. At least that is what Emma told her teachers…

A room with a view…

The Rock Star

The Lover

I love spring. A lot.


Daddy said she could get a hamster if she did a lot of chores. She’s a very literal kid.

Because the bloom is finite – I appreciate it more.


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