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Many moons ago in a time that now feels far away I was a television reporter. I was an in-front-of-the-camera girl. While many of you may think I am a limelight kind of person if I am being frank I was never completely at ease in front of the camera. I covered breaking news in New York City and was out on the streets facing gruesome content night after night. It was a heck of a learning lesson – a lesson that lasted more than 5 years – but it was a chapter of my life I was happy to see closed. Or so I thought…

I left TV to become a full time mom. That job has been my magnum opus. It has filled my heart with more love, pride, and humility than anything else ever could have. While I know it was the right decision to leave NY1 (the last newsroom where I worked full time) every so often I have found myself wondering what could have been if I had stayed the course. More and more in recent years I found I missed the interviews, the learning, the power of the message conveyed, and the pace of the work. I truly thought that chapter was closed but as fate would have it – a series of fortuitous events recently helped me to create a second career that uses the best of what I learned while working in TV.

This time around I am no longer in front of the camera and I am calling the shots on the content that I cover. I get to create story-boards, interview incredibly interesting people, and the schedule is flexible. The relationships I have been able to hand pick have been with wonderful non-profits. I am elated to help them share their stories.

Because that is how fate works. Ask (and I did in the dark moments long after my husband had fallen asleep and I lay awake in my bed wondering about my next step) and you shall receive. I asked God to help me find a way to use my voice and talents to help others share good messages. And then the obstacles fell away from the path I was meant to take… Introducing Sentimental Videography. The newest branch on the tree that is this brand. I have officially launched a business that will create videos for individual people, non-profits, businesses, and schools. To get a better sense of what we can do please visit the Sentimental Videography page in the toolbar above or simply click here.

The video we recently created for The Center for Hope and Renewal

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