Parenting: Funny Things Kids Say

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One afternoon we got home from school and my older daughter Emma immediately asked me if I could help her with a project, make her chicken soup for lunch, and please please get her some lemonade with ice because she was “dying of thirst”. As I was explaining to her that I could only do one thing at a time I heard my younger daughter Sophie say, “Mommy’s not an octopus.” Emma and I stopped what we were doing and turned to her with inquisitive faces. She then said, “Mommy doesn’t have all those arms to do too many things at once. She is NOT an octopus. ” I just about fell over laughing. I can only assume she garnered this little bit of knowledge from her teachers at school. I owe them a BIG thank you for this wise lesson (and the much needed comic relief). Teachers are brilliant people…



  1. WRITE THEM ALL DOWN LINDLEY!!! You will be laughing for years when you look back at some of the “pearls of wisdom” your children have dispensed…and they will crack up too as tweens and teenagers! I love it!

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