Shopping for a Cause: Cabochon Jewelry

  I love beautiful things – whether it be a stunning pair of semi-precious earrings or an open field with lush greens and old trees casting long shadows. This partnership mixes the two. The incredibly talented jewelry designer behind Cabochon Jewelry has generously decided to give 15% of all proceeds at her trunk show this… read more

Les Bijoux

My love affair with jewels never wanes. When I hold a piece of fine jewelry I can’t help but imagine the designer’s hands bringing the raw materials to life and the designer’s eyes watching each minute detail affect the final piece. In my opinion even a newly created piece of jewelry shows hints of the history it… read more

How do you say I love you?

I think that sometimes it is very nice to say I love you with jewelry. John knows this, and in fairness he knew this long before he proposed. Poor John… If you agree, I have created a nice little SentimentaLIST of some baubles and bargains you might want to pass along to whoever it is that… read more