Happy Mother’s Day

A sweet friend shared this video with me today and it’s too good not to pass along. You may have seen it in the past but it’s worth watching again. It’s not too late to tell your mom how much you appreciate all she’s done for you. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by… read more

Mother’s Day and Love

To all of you Mothers, Teachers, Surrogates, and Supporters – thank you for the work you do. Teaching, loving, and caring for others is the work that changes us most and matters more than anything and yet too often it is goes unnoticed and under-appreciated. I wonder, what would each day feel like if you… read more

A Mother’s Grace

I usually don’t blog on the weekend but on this Mother’s Day I choose to share. Because yes, it does matter. I wasn’t sure how to sum up what I aim to do on this blog. Then one day – in the midst of life’s chaos and noise – it came to me.  “Share. It matters.” Did… read more