Five Friday Favorites from My Father-in-Law’s Car

Here’s how it all began… John and I found ourselves driving in Opa’s car (Opa is John’s dad) a few weeks back after a day of skiing. I glanced in the side pocket of the door and found this funny, pointy, odd-looking object (see photo below). Here is the conversation that followed: Lindley: “What the… read more

Chili’n Out!

If you find me making turkey chili you can guess that a friend has just had a baby. I love to deliver homemade chili and a fresh loaf of crusty bread right when they get home from the hospital. My turkey chili is packed with protein and easy to microwave when you are sleep-deprived, getting… read more

Be Prepared!

Splinters from a wood deck? We’ve got you covered. A mild case of eczema? Not a problem. Diarrhea? You are no match for us. We are parents. We are prepared. Usually… I know I have run to the medicine cabinet one too many times to find that we just don’t have the gear we need… read more

Get up, get dressed, and get dancing!

A good outfit and a great song can go a long way… I’d say these pairings fit very nicely together. Start your Monday with a chic look and a carefree dance. It’s always the right choice. (Click on the bolded text to hear the songs I’ve paired with each look.) You can tell this lady… read more