They say the darndest things…

Today my children tested me. It’s starting to feel like a regular occurrence. I assume they plotted against me last night. I can imagine how it went down. Emma said, “Hey Soph, let’s whine all day tomorrow. And at mealtime be sure to goof around a lot so she inevitably cracks and feeds us both…. read more

In Full Bloom

Signs of spring are everywhere!   These tulips were clipped from our garden over the weekend. The red is insane! Their appearance makes up for every drop of rain that fell last month.   The only thing I┬álike getting from the garden more than fresh flowers are fresh vegetables. Over the last few years I… read more

Good Night

Let me begin by saying I am NOT a doctor. I may think I’m a doctor, and talk like I am a doctor, but I am NOT a doctor. That means when I talk about ailments and their cures it is just my personal opinion of what works in the healing department. That being said… read more


Do you give good gift? I know I myself feel that my gifts always seem a little lame and limp when settled next to a nice big pile of well-wrapped gifts at a birthday party, anniversary celebration, or baby shower. I’m just not that good at picking, wrapping, or ribboning gifts for others. It is… read more

Look Love Buy

LOOK I adore this look below on model Lily Adridge. She seems ready for anything. Lunch with a friend, dinner on a spring night, an afternoon meeting with her agent… It’s simple but sexy. I am a big fan of the loose-fitting tee with the form-fitting waxed jean leggings. The pop of red in the… read more

True Beauty

Hello friends. I’ve missed you. Sorry for the absence. We went away. My little foursome shut things down, lounged on the beach, and lazily lingered in each others company for a whole week. It was blissful and the break from technology allowed me to really think about the fingerprints I create on this blog every… read more

Five Friday Favorites from Target

I have a love/hate thing going on with Target (it’s mostly love). For me it’s a dangerous place. I can go in for one small item and I have almost never walked out without spending $150. I need ONLY sunscreen and I leave with a t-shirt, shampoo, 3 different sized light bulbs, and a box… read more

Dear Sentimentalist

  Dear Sentimentalist, We have recently moved to Greenwich and as you are a wealth of great info, would you put together a list of your favorites? Favorite mani/pedi? Favorite dry cleaner? Favorite blow out? Favorite massage? etc. Your knowledge needs to be shared!! Xo, Mother of Two with One-On-The-Way Dear Mother of Two, Thank… read more

Spring Styles

Nothing like the first warm spring day to make you lust for new clothes that scream “Here comes summer!” In the weeks to come I’ll be putting away sweaters and pulling out skirts and dresses. Boots will be tucked into the back of the closet and socks will be pushed to the back of the… read more

Ick! We got sick! Twice!

The flus, the colds, the coughs, the croup… Winter can be brutal when you have kids. It was a minor miracle that we made it as far into the winter as we did before being affected. A few weeks back the stomach bug came knocking at our door. That was a heck of an experience…. read more