Hopeful Voices

{Sing for Hope Piano on location in Brooklyn Bridge Park} Artist: Stefan Sierhej, Photographer: Marissa Macias Many years ago, while living in New York City, my life fortuitously collided with some incredibly talented artists who have been inspiring me ever since. While our conversations have been sparse since I left New York City – I have… read more

Cabin Fever

Sarah Sherman Samuel is a super cool graphic designer who is the mastermind behind the blog Smitten Studio. She also creates a unique line of home goods called “A Sunny Afternoon” – all American made goods and great for gifting. While Samuel permanently resides in LA – she and her husband Rupert recently bought a small cabin on… read more

Structured Fun

I was recently introduced to Keva Planks by a friend who is a teacher and always nails it when it comes to clever products for children. These simple wooden blocks are fabulously fun and kept my girls busy all Saturday afternoon. We bought the basic “Structures” set that comes with 200 planks. At $49.95/set these… read more

Little Things: From the Kitchen

When I was growing up the kitchen was the hub in our household. On any given day you’d find 3 or 4 of us huddled around the center island making snacks and catching up. To this day, while our kitchen is quite petite, it’s still where we spend most of our time cooking and congregating…. read more

Say Something

January: Links I Love

image: Elena Shumilova This video clip from the documentary Valhalla is so darn cool. I need to see this film… Damn straight Jane Fonda. Damn straight. A plastic hand? Amazing. And probably the best father/son project ever. Who has money in our country? Twins? Nope. This photographer found complete strangers who look like each other…. read more

Strong Bones

Last year I introduced you all to my friend Mike Christie, an accomplished Ironman triathlete and personal trainer at Elite Health Services. I tell people he is more of a physical therapist than a trainer because he knows so much about the body and how it works. As previously noted I am officially on my… read more

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz!

Ooh la LaCroix! I am absolutely loving this brand. I’ve never been a big soda girl but sparkling water is my favorite thing to drink. I usually go with plain club soda with a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice but since discovering LaCroix at my mom’s house over the holidays I have been hooked…. read more

A Love Letter

An anonymous reader recently questioned my content choices and asked how I think “overpriced fashion” qualifies as sentimental. The reader challenged whether or not I was being true to my mission statement when doing blog posts about fashion and food. And that got me thinking – about my content and the things I share. Honesty… read more

Cinderella Story

image: Carol Rosegg Don’t you just love a happy ending? Since childhood I have been smitten with Cinderella’s story. The cleaning of the kitchen, the glass slipper, the prince, good triumphing over evil… What could be better? Last month John and I took the girl’s to see Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway. In a word… read more