A Girl and Her Dog: Harper and Lola

I love these images. Photographer Rebecca Leimbach has perfectly captured the love shared between her daughter Harper and her best buddy, their bulldog, Lola. The story is a sweet one. In the past Leimbach has shared in interviews that after having Harper she and her husband were unable to have more children. She was crushed… read more

All Natural Skincare Favorites

As the dry winds drift off to sea and the humidity returns I find my skin is completely schizophrenic. I know that in a few months I will be reaching for a lighter moisturizer but for now, on the tail of a week in the sun for spring break, my skin is flaky and dry…. read more

Linked In

When John mentioned years ago that he had reconnected with an old friend on “linked in” I asked what he meant. He explained that Linked In was a social media website that’s geared towards business and connecting with other people in relevant industries. “Huh.” I said and didn’t think much more of it. I casually… read more