Swim Safe

As summer approaches I have swimming on the brain. My girls both head off to camp where swimming is a large part of their day and knowing that they are both competently swimming on their own makes me feel much better about the situation. Swimming is by far one of our favorite family sports. I… read more

Save the Elephants

  This Friday the girls and I had an epic night. John was out so we had a pizza party/movie night just the three of us. We were even allowed to eat on the sofa. Ooh-eee did things get crazy! We took a group vote and after watching 4 previews decided on a movie called… read more

Parenting: Making Room for Emotions

Earlier this week I picked my daughter up from school and her teacher stopped us as we entered to ask if my little one was in a better mood today. Of course that begged the question, “Was she in a bad mood yesterday?” Her teacher went on to tell me that she hadn’t been her… read more

Back to Birks

Before you start rolling your eyes – give me a minute to state my case. Birkenstocks, while previously thought of as nothing more than wooly socks wearing crunchy hippie sporting footwear, are making quite the resurgence because they are the MOST comfortable shoes in the universe. I mean it. And they just slide on so… read more

Home Inspiration: A Place in the Country

When John and I talk about summer dream plans – mine often include a house swap that finds us nestled away in the English countryside or South of France. I am incredibly envious of the life Writer, “It Girl”, and Fashion Consultant Amanda Brooks is living. In the summer of 2012 she, her artist husband,… read more

Lunch Tartines

Over the last few months I have gotten many requests from readers to include more simple meals and recipes. Easy kid-friendly dinners are on the way, but for now let’s start with lunch. I’ve always sort of overlooked this middle-of-the-day meal but I’ve been recently been challenging myself to get more creative. I am a… read more

Going Green

When it comes to being green – it’s been a slow and steady learning curve in our household. Like everything else in life I really and truly believe that everything must be done in moderation. I know that our children will inevitably be exposed to toxins and carcinogens (as we were and continue to be… read more

Les Oeufs

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April: Links I Love

A refreshing¬†smoothie for spring and summer! The perfect little place cards for Easter supper. Lemon ice cream? Yes please! So many Ted Talks, so little time… Here are a few worth watching. This DIY is simple and perfect for a white windowsill. I want this candle. To burn and then to use as a planter…. read more

Smart Playrooms: Getting Organized!

You know the drill. The excuses, the arguments, the negotiations… “Only take one toy out at a time. Don’t forget to clean up afterwards. No moving on to the next thing until we’ve put this away first…” Keeping a playroom clean and clear of clutter can be quite a feat. And I’m not saying the… read more