Best Hairbrush

It’s been a long time since I have done a hair post. It’s hard to imagine that this somewhat sad looking hair post was the second one I ever put up on the blog just over three years ago. I’d like to think we have come a long way since then both visually and verbally…. read more

January: Links I Love

Here are a few of my favorite links from around the web this month. Click the bolded word to be redirected to the links. This blog post is my new year’s resolution. Have you thought about “putting something down”? I am a terrible sleeper. This breathing technique has worked for me 5 nights in a row… read more

House Progress: Before and Afters

It’s been so fun watching the house be transformed. It’s a slow and methodical process, but I kind of like the pace because it means we aren’t rushing and making mistakes. I honestly love every paint color, fabric, and decorative placement we’ve chosen so far. I give full credit to the talented ladies of Henry &… read more

Good News: A Lost Item Found

This is no simple story. It has many moving parts and a few unexpected turns. It takes a while for me to tell it from start to finish, but I can assure you it is well worth telling. Here goes… My dad served our country for 3 years as a Marine, spending the majority of his time… read more

Fashion Favorites: Chanel Slingbacks

Winter be damned! Today was our first real snow in CT and yet I am already feeling ready for spring clothes. Shoes are at the top of my wish list. I am pretty sure this stunner by Chanel would be worn every other day. It has been my favorite shoe for the greater part of… read more

Film: Trainwreck

Is it Oscar material? Probably not. Is the cinematography up there with that of A River Runs Through It? I don’t think so. Would you ever want to watch this in the presence of your parents? Absolutely not. But is it hysterically laugh-out-loud, pee-in-your-pants funny? YES! I didn’t know who Amy Schumer was before I… read more

Inspiration: From Hotel to Home

A beautiful hotel feels clean and fresh. A prefer a simple clutter-free space that allows room for relaxation and peace. With that in mind it’s not often that I feel inspired by hotel decor when working on my own home. Hotel interior design is usually less colorful and less layered than what I envision doing in our… read more

Healing Foods: Ginger Tea

Last year I fell hard for the Ginger Tea made at both Méli-Mélo and Aux Delices here in Greenwich. The day after New Year’s my baby boy and I got hit with a nasty head cold. Food tasted bland but I found myself craving that tea. I had a sense it would be the magic… read more

Read: One Plus One

I’ve been chipping away at a post about my New Year’s resolutions, but as I work on that I thought I’d zip out a book recommendation in the meantime. One Plus One, by Jojo Moyes, is a perfect page-turner as we make our way into the winter months. It’s light, funny, and romantic. Moyes, author… read more