Great Read: The Nightingale

I’ve read my fair share of World War II novels, but Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale tells the story from a very different angle. In this novel that follows the lives of two French sisters over the span of two decades the reader sees what it was like to be a non-Jewish French woman living during the… read more

Fashion: Classic Style

I was recently out to dinner and saw a beautiful woman dining with her husband and grown children. I was smitten with her sense of style and commented to a friend that she looked chic, classic, and age appropriate. I know I am often guilty of buying pieces that are trendy  and “of the moment”…. read more

Beautiful Home: Jay Jeffers in St. Helena

It’s a beautiful summer day in Connecticut. The kind of day where you can be outdoors all day long. I think this St. Helena home designed by Jay Jeffers would be the ideal place to spend some time this summer. The rustic barn and well-manicured pool area present a perfect juxtaposition. Every room inside the home is polished… read more

Opinion: Choosing Love Over Hatred

Hello dear friends. There have been things happening in this world that have me shaken. Up at night and wondering what the fix is. A fix that will actually work. I’ve wanted to speak out here on the blog but I felt called to really sit and think long and hard about what I wanted… read more

Beauty: Laser Hair Removal

Sophie Loren, beautiful. Sophia’s Loren’s hairy armpits? Not so beautiful. This is a public service announcement to any and all who would like to cut their shower time by a third and finally get around to laser hair removal. It’s bathing suit season so I thought this blog post was quite timely. My male readers are… read more

Best Buys: Lingerie

Let’s face it. What we wear on the outside is what people notice but what we wear under our clothes can be equally as important when it comes to how our clothes look on us. Fit and comfort are pivotal. And I won’t deny that a sexy new bra can give a woman a confidence boost even if… read more