Beauty: Summer Nails


I am not a manicure girl. I get way too upset when I chip my nails within 24 hours of getting them done. That being said I like to keep my nails short and every so often I splurge on a new bottle of nail polish and paint them myself. I do just one coat so that they dry fast and are less likely to smudge. I recently bought Dior’s Nail Glow at Sephora after reading about it on multiple other blogs. At $25 a bottle it’s expensive but it’s still less than three in-salon manicures.

It gives your nails a seriously high wattage shine and somehow it makes the nail tips whiter and the nail bed slightly pinker. It’s often called a “french manicure in one bottle”. I think you’ve all figured out by now that I like to keep my beauty regime quite simple. This is my answer to an easy 5-minute summer manicure!


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  1. Very simple yet pretty. No designs, just your nails and it’s beautiful glow. I’ll surely try this one.

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