Bunking Up!


With a third on the way I can’t help but think about sleeping arrangements and how the household dynamic might change once the baby arrives. Thankfully here at our home in CT Emma and Sophie prefer to share one room so that leaves Sophie’s old baby room for the little nugget next fall. Up at our place in VT quarters are tight so John and I have recently been talking about adding bunk beds so that all three kiddos can share the same room. (While we are laid back – I can assure you that the baby will not be in a bunk bed for at least 3 years.) Bunk beds would be cozy and fun for the girls and would be ideal for when other families join us up there for the weekend. In my families ski condo growing up we had 4 sets of bunk beds (remember without any guests there were 7 of us children) and I loved the feel of having company when I went to bed and woke up. I remember many late night giggle-fests as commentary bounced around the room from bed to bed.

Here are a few of my favorites found on Pinterest. The one with the slide as an exit strategy is fabulous. The curtained beds look like the ideal fort for youngsters with vivid imaginations and a nice place to get some peace and quiet for visitors who need a break from the hustle and bustle. I have always been partial to the more rugged natural looking designs, especially for VT. I was a top bunk girl. Didn’t like the idea of people congregating on my bed – bottom bunks always get more “foot traffic”. Where you a bunk bed kid? Bottom or top?

bed1 bed2 bed3 bed4 bed5 bed6 bed7 bed8 bed9 bed10 bed11

bed12 bed13 bed14 bed16 bed17 bed18bed20


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  1. Patrick hirscht says:

    Absolutely Love bunk beds:))

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