Make-Up Break Up!


Zut Alors!

I recently dropped my absolute favorite Laura Mercier eyeshadow on the tile floor and alas I thought she was gone for good. Gold Dust is a discontinued color… And then something happened that I consider to be a rarity these days –  I remembered something someone had told me. Yup. I did. My sister told my mom and my mom told me about a super cool make-up saving trick. This one is worth bookmarking.


I keep alcohol in a squeeze bottle so it’s easy to pour a small amount.

Before you throw out that crumbled eyeshadow or blush, try this trick. Scoop the crushed powder back into its container and add a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Use a brush or your finger tip to mix the substance into a paste. Even it out as much as you can and leave to sit for 2-3 hours.


The Paste


Almost set…


Ready to Roll



Pretty nifty right? Saving money. Being crafty. I like it.

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  1. Yes I learned that trick and am so happy to pass it on to women everywhere!!!

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