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While it has been a frosty winter it’s starting to feel like spring has sprung over here at The Sentimentalist! Give us one good day of sunshine and temperatures above 30 degrees and we have a bounce in our step and a grin on our face. This seemed like the perfect time to introduce you all to our new site (! I’m hoping you will find this new design easy to navigate and more enjoyable to read. We are still working our way through a few glitches but those should be ironed out in no time at all. In the meantime I am hoping my readers will find it much easier to subscribe and receive our new content as it is posted. Simply type your email into the “subscribe” button on the right top portion of the site and you are all set!

To create the look and inner-workings of the site I worked with one heck of an amazing web designer. As far as I am concerned the key to success is knowing your own limitations. I know mine and that’s why I called in the big guns on this project. Chris Carvache is quite the jack of all trades. He’s truly a pleasure to work with and he has a great sense of humor. Never underestimate a great sense of humor. Through his business New Leaf Web Solutions he offers all kinds of helpful services. Trust me – he’s good. Call him if you need help.

And now for the fun part. It’s been a while since I’ve done an Insta-mentalist post. Here are some of my favorite Instagram images from the winter season. Welcome spring – Please please pretty please be for real?!? We are so ready for you.


{I would say this was us at our coldest. HELLO Polar Vortex!}


{Sledding was one way to beat the winter doldrums.}

Turkey Chili

{Sentimentalist’s Famous Turkey Chili}


{Hiking Home After a VT Blizzard}


{My man and I on one of our favorite dates – cross country skiing for two!}


{The Coat That Beat the Winter Blues – Thanks Le Catch for the Reco!}


{The Path Less Traveled}


{Petits Skis}


{Buddy’s Best Location This Year}


{When Winter Won’t Quit – Add Glittery Nail Polish}


{Or Just Wear Underwear on Your Head…}


{What me trouble???}


{Breathtaking Beaver Creek}


{The giving up taking back of the nap…}


{Spring Cleaning}


{Fresh Baked Bread – Nice Work Brother-in-Law}

Instagram, The Sentimentalist

{The Newest Attempt at Indoor Plants – Succulents}


{Could it be spring just around the corner? We sure hope so!}

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