Great Gadget: Wine Brush

  As I sit here bloggin’ and sippin’ on a glass of wine I realized that children (and the things invented to help with them) really can be a boon to all people. Even those who don’t have kids. And especially those who drink. And most especially those who drink wine. A few weeks back… read more

Cool Car: The Jeep Grand Wagoneer

It’s almost like the universe heard my prayer. This may take some of you by surprise but I have a thing for cars. Fast ones, unique ones, classic ones… While driving last week up in Vermont I was day-dreaming about the type of rustic car I would like to have at our house there. I imagined… read more

Great Product: Color Wow

  During the summer “Mommy Maintenance” hits an all-time low. With camp, and swimming, and crafting, and chilling there just isn’t time to highlight, paint nails, or blow dry much. Thank God for products like Color Wow that help to hide the lack of effort. A friend recently introduced me to this line and I… read more

Better Business: Computer Super Center

When my hard drive died a few weeks back it’s an understatement to say I was panicked. My initial inclination was to run to the Apple Store for help. In retrospect I now realize that Apple is great at making/selling technology but not necessarily at fixing it. After tinkering with my laptop they had the… read more

Best Buys: Summer Fun!

These are some our favorite summer items. A great song, a guiltless ice cream treat, fun pool toys… We’ve done a lot of product testing and this sunscreen is the bomb! And don’t even get me started on Whispering Angel Rosé… Happy summer to all! {Honest Spray Sunscreen, Swimway Toypedos, Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cones,… read more

Home: The Well Appointed House

These days I have home furnishings on the brain… My talented friend Melissa Hawks has run a super successful blog and retail site called The Well Appointed House for 15 years and recently decided to open a storefront for her brand that sells beautiful baubles and the perfect gifts. I want one of every item… read more

For the Boys: Turq Swimbriefs

I love me a good pair of board shorts at the beach – but I do not love me board shorts that reveal the outline of a man’s package underneath. I’ve yet to buy a pair of Turq swimbriefs but I think I’ll order my husband a pair to try this summer. I figure they’re a… read more

Great Gift: The Blanket Lady

  Now that I have your attention… When my son JT was just a few weeks old we received the sweetest gift from a dear friend. It arrived by mail and was a gorgeous personalized blanket from The Blanket Lady. If you are a friend and have had a baby recently chances are I sent… read more

Shopping for a Cause: Cabochon Jewelry

  I love beautiful things – whether it be a stunning pair of semi-precious earrings or an open field with lush greens and old trees casting long shadows. This partnership mixes the two. The incredibly talented jewelry designer behind Cabochon Jewelry has generously decided to give 15% of all proceeds at her trunk show this… read more

PSA: Jump It

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to discover this nifty gadget. If you have ever had your car battery die at an inopportune time you will understand why this contraption is so genius! It all started two weeks ago when our car battery died. It was 8 am and I had all… read more