Introducing Milly!

I’m pretty sure we were at capacity over here in these parts. 3 kids, new house (that needs a lot of work!), part-time job for me, full time job for hubby, etc. BUT we all had this nagging little voice inside our heads saying, “It’s time for a puppy.” In fact two members of our… read more

Just for Kicks!

Because we all need to laugh… x

Great Business: Saltwater Brewery

  Over at our house we have big hearts for the creatures of the sea. I was blown away by this idea of edible packaging materials for six packs of beer. As far as I am concerned SaltWater Brewery has my business. Can you imagine how great it would be if big business beer companies got on… read more

Great Business: Mike’s Organic Delivery

One of the first local businesses I featured on the blog here was Mike’s Organic Delivery. It remains one of my favorite here in our area. As a mother of three, I love anyone who is trying to make my food-buying life easier, and my children’s food more healthy. Mike has recently added a whole… read more

Great Business: Seedsheets

Guess what time of year it is????? It’s veggie garden time of year. Since the blog began, I have been writing about herbs, veggies, fruits and planting. It has become a real passion of mine in recent years. In fact in the last 3 years there have been two summers where our family barely had… read more

Great Business: Zen Bronze

Since both my parents have been diagnosed with melanoma I have started to think long and hard about the time I spend in the sun and how I choose to protect myself from sun damage. I wear an array of sunscreens (every day on my face!) that range from an spf of 30 all the… read more

Great Business: Tiecrafters

My husband wears a suit to work every day so he has acquired quite a collection of ties over the years. One of my favorites is a vintage Hermès with windmills on it (my husband’s father was Dutch) that I bought off of Ebay when we were first dating. Needless to say  – after years… read more

Party Time!

Something about the spring season feels very festive. There are weddings, end-of-school parties, birthday celebrations, bar and bat mitzvahs, and simple summer soirées to be planned. Party planning is not my forté so I love the idea of bringing on a professional who can really help to make even the smallest event a special one…. read more

Dreaming of Summer: The Perfect Pool House

Call me crazy – but the warm balmy weather we experienced in CT this past weekend had me feeling like spring is just around the corner. Spring means two things to me – lots of gorgeous greens sprouting up everywhere and time to open the pool. I recently saw this pool house in the Buckhead… read more

Good News: A Lost Item Found

This is no simple story. It has many moving parts and a few unexpected turns. It takes a while for me to tell it from start to finish, but I can assure you it is well worth telling. Here goes… My dad served our country for 3 years as a Marine, spending the majority of his time… read more