Dwell: Tree House


Peter Behouth was a boy who loved a treehouse. So much so that when he grew up the former Greenpeace Executive Director bought the lot next to his home in Atlanta and earmarked three perfect trees to see his childhood dreams come to fruition. An avid environmentalist Behouth was thrilled to use the land without… read more

A Tireless Effort


Doesn’t it feel good when someone thanks you. Looks you in the eye and really says “Thank you.” I think there is great value in letting someone know they are appreciated. I know it makes me work even harder when I think gratitude might be lurking on the other side of my endeavor. So here’s… read more

Get your green on!


If I close my eyes and think about a place I wish existed – a place created to satisfy my every health food craving – I would envision a place called “Green & Tonic”. I would go there every day for fresh pressed juice. Lunch would be a green and gorgeous salad with nuts, quinoa,… read more