Boy’s Best Friend

By now you may or may not have heard about the very special relationship between Theo and Beau which is documented on the blog Momma’s Gone City. A babe and his pup – it’s a lesson in very simple love. Theo was adopted from a shelter at just 7 weeks old and his new family had a tough time with the crate training. Theo was just too cute to keep locked up as he whimpered from behind the bars of his cage. Instead Theo took to sleeping with his new parents – and on his third day at home he fell asleep snuggled up to their young son Beau as he lay down for his afternoon nap. The next day Theo appeared at the bedroom door right at nap time. And each day since Theo has patiently waited for Beau to fall asleep and then joined him for a 2 hour nap. There is something so simple about these images – and yet they make your heart feel such great emotion. I now want a dog more than ever…

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