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1) I like this POV about giving generously without expectation.

2) Some darn good apps for taking photos on your phone…

3) I love to ponder who has time to create things like this. Keep up the good work. Very funny.

4) I’m not a cat person but this blog literally had me howling with laughter. Meow!

5) My family may balk – but I am doing it. Vegan pumpkin pie here I come!

6) Are you ethnic?

7) Love these clever little works by Javier Perez.

8) How distracted are you? This mother’s story about how being distracted almost killed her daughter is eye-opening.

9) Admit it. You’ve done the Irish Goodbye

10) Interesting theory on why it is to your advantage to pitch bad ideas first. Not so sure McDonald’s would appreciate this one.

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