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If you ever doubt you have enough stamina to make it to the gym take a peak at this video and I challenge you not to be inspired. Bandit is small but fierce. I am not sure I have ever so doggedly (pun intended) committed to something. My favorite moment is when he has just one little paw on the treadmill, and that teeny tiny paw keeps coming back for more.


Think of Bandit and get up and out today and do what you said you would. It is easier to push it off until tomorrow. It feels safe to postpone challenges. I think we all know that is not how growth and change are achieved.

(This little nugget came from Sing for Hope’s Facebook post. I like the quote and I like them.)

My 4 year old is learning to ice skate. The first day she spent more time on her bottom than she did on her skates. That did not deter her. Each time she fell she got back up, often refusing the teacher’s hand, and continuing to try. Tomorrow I will channel her fortitude when attempting to master a new skill. I quit too easily. I am an adult. I have been told too often that I can’t do things. Tomorrow I will skate. I will fall. I will get back up.

(No children were hurt in the filming of this video. Bruised maybe, but not REALLY hurt.)

Yes, that is my 2 year old who chimes in with “You are doing great!” at the very beginning. Soon after – wait for it – her sister falls. And yes, my social butterfly falls again 1 minute and 47 seconds in for the 4th time because she is waving to a friend and that small gesture throws off her burgeoning balance. My favorite moment is when she smirks at me at 1:54. That defiant little look says I will not give up today or ever.

Character cannot be developed in peace and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision be cleared, ambition insured and success achieved.
– Helen Keller

I admire my kid for her character. The world is out there waiting so we should all step forward, be optimistic, and not forget to laugh along the way as we stumble and learn.

Take the stairs today.


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  1. Thanks! Feeling a bit overwhelmed today with everything I need to get done. This was something I needed today!

  2. Sophie and Emma are so cute, my God!

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